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This is a test.

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Podcasting in Mathematics

We have begun exploring podcasting in mathematics. I already put up a full semester of introductory physics video at my Physics Videos site. They seem to have gotten some use over the last two years. Now we are trying smaller math bytes at our site on podcasting in mathematics. We’ll see how this experiment works out. Some of the students like the idea.

Physics Blogs on the Web

There are many blogs devoted to physics. In fact, there was a recent story from physicsweb about this. A list of blogs in physics is here.

While these links are my way of keeping track of URLs, it might also prove useful to anyone who stumbles across my blog site. In some cases these sites may have physics discussions, while others may tend to mix in other mundane material pertaining to everyday experiences. I personally have found the site Cocktail Party Physics to be both entertaining and informative.

I’ll have to read more of the other sites to see where anything I might want to say about physics and mathemtics would be different and educational. Also, I will be able to see which have the most physics content.

More recent link on Math in WordPress

WordPress and LaTeX

using $latex i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t}\left|\Psi(t)\right>=H\left|\Psi(t)\right>$

More testing

This was a test for ICTCM 2007 in Boston showing embedded LaTeX in TiddlyWikis. The talk is at my professional web site: http://people.uncw.edu/hermanr/technology.htm

\frac 12 \int_0^1 sin^2 \pi x\, dx

Entering Mathematics – Test

This is a test. I tried the itex2mml plugin, but it is quite involved and I have not gotten it to work. I would like to try jsmath, which I have used successfully in other environments.
In my search I came across mimeTeX via Dahnielson’s site. This plugin was simple to install.

Here is some rendering of mathematics: \small f(x)=x^2

\int_0^1 sin \pi x\, dx

\red\large\displaystyle e^x=\sum_{n=0}^\infty\frac{x^n}{n!}

\Large A\ =\ \large\left( \begin{array}{c.cccc}&1&2&\cdots&n\\ \hdash1&a_{11}&a_{12}&\cdots&a_{1n}\\ 2&a_{21}&a_{22}&\cdots&a_{2n}\\ \vdots&\vdots&\vdots&\ddots&\vdots\\ n&a_{n1}&a_{n2}&\cdots&a_{nn}\end{array}\right)

There is more work to be done on this. But it is sufficient for today. There are modifications of mimeTeX for WordPress- here and here. Some of these examples were obtained from the mimeTeX site.


Welcome to The Physics Spot. This is an experiment in working with blogs. I teach college level mathematics and physics. So, naturally I would consider trying my hand at writing about these subjects.