Thoughts About Rebecca

On this page I would like to collect thoughts from people who knew Rebecca and would like to let others know how she touched the lives of so many people. If you have something that you wish to express, please email your thoughts to Your thoughts will then be added to this page.   

As remembered by many, Rebecca was was a very caring and outreaching person. She was not only bilingual, but fluent in Braille and sign. She was  not done achieving her dreams and we can only wonder how many other lives would have been touched by her had she not met with such a tragic and untimely passing. 

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The Following Memorial Service Remarks Were Delivered By Dana Millar, in Memory of His Beloved Rebecca, on November 13, 2000.

Cliff and Claudia, Dear Friends of Dana, Boston, Massachusetts

As a member of the Blind Rehabilitation Center at the West Palm Beach Medical Center, I recognized in Rebecca the qualities of a truly skilled professional; successful in her chosen field of Blind Rehabilitation and its particular specialties.

She had a missionary zeal and dedication in her healing ministry among the blinded veterans of the Center. Her energies and training skills were fully utilized on their behalf.

Rebecca was a very sensitive and compassionate colleague, who possessed admirable creative talents in the arts, and was especially gifted in the culinary arts.

Over a period of time, we became dear friends and shared many interests together. She was a delight to be with -- so vivacious, and appreciative of enduring simple things. She possessed a certain sweetness of soul and innocence which captured my heart. Our relationship developed and deepened into a permanent bond.

My most cherished possession is a very moving poem which Rebecca had written just for me, which she read to me on voice mail the night before she was called home to her Lord. It was an outpouring of her love and affection for me, and her deep need and appreciation of my returned love.

No one had ever expressed such tender and deep feelings towards me. I was deeply touched by this, her declaration of commitment.

Rebecca filled a void in my life. We shared a bond which nourished our spirits and encouraged us to seek a partnership which would grow and fully blossom in the future. For a brief time we knew a healing, glorious love.

And then - suddenly -it was taken away from us!

I have been devastated by my loss of such a beautiful, innocent, loving partner, my dearest friend and love.

She has gone to a new home and a new peace, a resting place, free of violence. Her gentle, loving spirit, intact -- and the memory of her is permanently secure and alive in my heart and in the hearts of her fellow colleagues and sorrowing family.

Her love remains to inspire me, as I continue my work with the blinded veterans back in Boston

Dear Rebecca:

Thank you for your contributions and dedication of your life to make a difference in the lives of the many Visually Impaired & Blind patients you served. Thank you for the contributions you have made to the both your profession and to the entire Rehab/Low Vision community. Thank you for touching the lives of the professionals like myself & Dr Fletcher that you have interacted with. Although We can't understand, God has reasons for allowing this to happen to you. Our Lecture at the American Academy of optometry meeting on 12/7/00 will go on in your memory. Your in God's hands now and he will treat you and care for you in the manner you deserve. You will be missed. Good bye Rebecca. I am proud to say that you chose me as a friend and a colleague.

Bye for now,
Scott Hearing, OD FAAO
Stuart Eye Institute, PA

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