In Memory of Rebecca Johnston

OTR.L, M.S., Certified Low Vision Specialist
October 31, 1960 - November 6, 2000

born Rebecca Alice Herman

Condolences may be sent to Rebecca's brother and sister

Cheryl DeCarlo
520 Parkwood Lane
Goldsboro, NC 27530
Russell L. Herman
1015 S. Lake Park Blvd A-6
Carolina Beach, NC 28428

We extend our condolences to all of Rebecca's closest friends, and especially to Dana Millar, MILLAR.DANA_L@BOSTON.VA.GOV

Your thoughts and memories of Rebecca are greatly appreciated

We would like to hear your thoughts about Rebecca. Over the next several weeks we will be adding pictures, recordings and your thoughts to help those who grieve her untimely passing. Please send your thoughts to her brother so they may be shared with others.

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Donations can be made to the Blinded Veterans Association - More information to come.

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November 12, 2000